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  1. 優質藝術創作:透過我們專業的設計團隊及藝術系出身的畫師,致力於創作優質的藝術作品。我們注重細節和創意,以提供獨特而引人入勝的藝術品,無論是手繪壁畫、3D立體畫還是其他藝術牆身。
  2. 客製化設計:我們深知每個客戶的需求都是獨特的,因此我們提供客製化設計服務。無論您需要在辦公室、商場、學校或其他場所創造獨特的藝術氛圍,我們的團隊將與您合作,根據您的需求和喜好創作出滿意的作品。
  3. 耐用高質:我們注重作品的耐用性和品質。我們使用高品質的材料和專業的工藝來確保我們的作品能夠長期保持美觀且不易受損。無論是室內還是室外,我們的作品都具有優異的耐用性。
  4. 專業團隊:我們的製作團隊由藝術系出身的畫師的組成,我們擁有專業的技術和創作能力。我們的團隊將與您密切合作,確保您的設計需求得到充分理解並得到實現。
  5. 高度客戶滿意度:我們致力於提供卓越的客戶服務和滿意度。我們重視與客戶的溝通,並確保在整個項目過程中與客戶保持透明和及時的溝通。我們的目標是超越客戶的期望,並確保他們對我們的作品和服務感到滿意。
Welcome to Light Up Murals – Hong Kong's Leading Mural and Wall Painting Company Since 2003. Our team of skilled artists with a strong background in art and extensive experience is dedicated to creating exceptional and long-lasting artworks tailored to meet your unique requirements.

With a prestigious client portfolio that includes M+ at the West Kowloon Cultural District, the Water Supplies Department, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Ocean Park, renowned universities, schools, hotels, and shopping malls, we have established a solid reputation for delivering high-quality craftsmanship and artistic excellence.

Our comprehensive range of services encompasses hand-painted murals, artistic wall installations, captivating 3D murals, intricate iron gate paintings, and impeccable renovation projects. Whether you seek to infuse artistic ambiance into a specific space or revitalize your walls with stunning transformations, our professional team is poised to provide you with exceptional services that exceed expectations.

Discover the transformative power of art and elevate your surroundings with Light Up Murals. For any inquiries or further information, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. Thank you!


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​Metro Pop Interview

創辦人Jase曾接受Metro Pop 訪問,講述製作壁畫心路歷程

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